Healthy Egg McMuffin

egg sandwich
This is something I make almost every morning. I love McDonald’s Egg McMuffin’s. When I travelled for work I would always grab one at the airport.  I would sometimes take off the top part of the bun and eat it open-faced to save on carbs! If you are on the go and want to order from McDonald’s I think they are the most nutrition bang for your buck. Since it’s not really socially acceptable or that healthy to be eating at the golden arches every day, I decided to make a healthier version of the egg McMuffin.
What you need:
Rudi’s Spelt English Muffin (these are my favorite) but any muffin will do.
1 egg plus two egg whites
Laughing Cow wedge cheese (my personal favorite is the creamy spicy pepper jack or the queso fresco.)
Chipotle Cholula or any hot sauce
Turkey or Chicken sausage (I like Jennie-O or Applegate peppered patties for convenience) You can also use deli ham like I did in this picture.
What to do:
Cook the eggs in a pan omelet style and fold over once cooked to fit on the muffin
Toast bread and spread with laughing cow cheese
Assemble the sandwich with the egg, sausage, top with hot sauce and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
My Version:
259 calories, 10g Fat, 16g Carbs, 23g of Protein
McDonald’s EggMcMuffin:
300 calories, 12g Fat, 30g Carb, 18g Protein

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