Hillstone's Dip Duo

Back when I lived in California my two favorite restaurants were Houston's in Pasadena and R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica and are both a part of the Hillstone restaurant group. Houston's and R+D Kitchen have this AMAZING appetizer called the dip duo. It consisted of half guacamole and half cheese dip. I heard Bandera in Chicago has this cheesy queso like dip but have yet to check it out. If anyone knows if the dip duo is still on the menu please let me know! 

The best way to describe this dip is if pimento cheese spread and queso dip had a baby. This dip is best served cold, unlike hot queso. I think I almost nailed down the recipe, the original has that something special you can't put your finger on but this is definitely a close second! 

2 cups of extra sharp Tillamook cheese (no substitutes here!)
1 cup mayo - I like Hellmans or Duke's if you live in the south
Roasted red peppers
Roasted jalapeƱos
grated onion
salt and pepper to taste
optional - pickled jalapeƱos


Shred the cheese using a ricer or grater
Broil the red peppers and jalepenos until skin is blistered and finely dice them
Mix together the cheese, peppers, mayo, onion, salt and pepper until you get a good consistency.
Refregerate until cold and flavors meld together, about two hours or more


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