No-Sew Pillow

no-sew pillow
 This DIY cost me: $7 since I had everything but the glue and velcro on hand.
. I found this video on YouTube from Pinterest. The idea is to take standard size pillow cases you may already have laying around or you can find fun ones at flea markets, thrift stores, etc. and turn them into toss or throw pillows. I used shams from our master bedding, Poetical by Barbara Barry. The inserts (20X20) can be found inexpensively at Ikea. The woman in the video uses much larger casings and pillows but I found these work just as well.
diy no sew pillow
1. Stuff the insert (pillow) inside the pillow case. Stuff the excess fabric inside the pillow.
no-sew pillow
2. Cut velcro to size. Squeeze glue onto velcro and place on pillow opening to secure.
Downside: This is a temporary fix. Once you decide to wash the pillow case, the glue will loosen and come undone--essentially ruining all your work. Since this isn't our everyday couch I won’t be washing these as much. Then again my little toddler doesn’t care what her avocado fingers touch. Thankfully I have a big bottle of fabric glue and lots of velcro to last a few washes. I think it was well worth it and saved me $$ for now.
I also intend to add more colorful pillows to punch it up a bit. Although I love simple and neutral.

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