Our Experience with Flu Season and Using Natural Remedies

natural flu remedies
This flu season was and currently is no joke. I had to stop watching the news. I consider Mia and myself healthy. Both very active, eat lean proteins and vegetables so when we were down for the count it was super frustrating. I got two strains of the flu back to back, while Mia had one. Full disclosure: we did not receive the flu shot. I had heard mixed reviews about it and hadn’t received it in the past. Next year I will not be as ignorant. Receiving the flu shot not only helps you from getting sick and lessoning symptoms but will help others around you as well. Mark my words, we will be first in line this year. We both had fevers, lethargy, coughs, colds– it was the worst. By the time she got the flu I was over mine so could concentrate on her 100%. I did not leave her side and was constantly giving her liquids, chicken noodle soup, strawberry tea and local honey. My doctor also advised me to rotate children’s Advil and Tylenol, which alleviated her immediate pain.

**I am not a doctor / professional. These are natural remedies for the flu that worked for us:

- Soverign Silver. Silver is known to kill off bacteria. Dr. Oz claims it was the first antibotic and Gwyneth Paltrow sprays this in the air when she is on an airplane to ward off any viruses. Controversial as it may be, the day after I took this I felt better! Maybe it was pure luck or maybe the silver who knows but I am going to continue to use it for maintenance. I also give Mia a little bit in the morning and it will be a staple in our house. I take it in moderation and less than what it instructs. Just place a full dropper under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds then swallow. It tastes like water but with a hint of metallic taste.

- Zinc Lozenges. I started taking these after reading about the benefits of zinc and how they regulate the immune system. I remember my mom giving them to me as a kid and loved them as I thought they were candy! I am doing the same for Mia. We take these a couple times a week for maintenance.

- Oregano Oil. Oregano oil is a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral. Oil of oregano helps your lungs recover from a bout with a cold or flu by thinning the mucous, allowing for easier breathing and faster removal of the infecting virus, says naturopath Linda Page in her book "Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-Healing for Everyone."

- Nature’s Shield Oil. This essential oil is like Thieves by Young Living but costs way less. I was desperate and picked up mine at Whole Foods. I bought a glass spray bottle and put a few drops with some water and sprayed around the house like a mad woman. I also put a few drops in my diffuser. It has a clean smell and was a major mood booster! 

- Raw Honey. Local is best. I would ask around different health food stores in your area to see if they carry local honey. I found a place in the city that carried some from a farm in Indiana. If not, you can buy off Amazon or Whole Foods. I linked one that has great reviews.

- Emergen-C. A staple for years. I take this at least a few times a week.

There is a lot of information on the internets but through trial and error we will be much more prepared next season!

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